Working at DTU

The people who work at DTU come from every walk of life, but they all have one thing in common - a shared goal of developing and utilizing the natural and the technical sciences for the benefit of society.

11,031 students are currently studying for the future in one of our engineering programmes, and 5,895 staff members are engaged in teaching, research, innovation, and scientific advice to public authorities.

They all work with our three core values in mind: innovative thinking, credibility, and commitment.

Your career at DTU

If you choose a career at DTU, you will become part of a large organisation that offers a wealth of opportunities. DTU focuses on providing its staff with the most attractive surroundings in which to develop and exploit their full potential.

DTU offers a wide range of professional and personal development courses. The University continuously encourages you to expand your horizons and unlock your potential through an impressive selection of training and development opportunities designed to develop your talents, professional as well as personal.

DTU Leadership Role

All employees at DTU are entitled to competent leadership, and this is ensured through careful training of all of DTU’s managers. Good leadership at all levels is a key element in ensuring that DTU remains a leading technical university.

Leadership is found at all levels within the DTU system, from the leadership of research groups of varying sizes and characters to the leadership of other organizational units where specialists, researchers, and other highly qualified employees generate results through mutually binding working partnerships at DTU.

The DTU Leadership Role reflects the fact that professional competency is a basic requirement for leadership at the University. Leadership should be seen as a tool designed to enable DTU to achieve its stated strategic goals.

You can read about DTU's Leadership Role here.

DTU's Work Culture

DTU’s Work Culture explains how DTU defines self-management and defines the concept of self-management in a modern work context. This helps to emphasize that dialogue and collaboration between manager and employee are crucial prerequisites for self-management at DTU.

DTU’s Work Culture also describes DTU’s constant focus on ensuring that neither visible nor invisible barriers prevent talents from developing and pursuing a career at DTU. These efforts are supported by the fact that DTU expects its employees to show mutual respect for one another and to treat each other as equals, irrespective of gender, age, education, ethnic origin, etc.

You can read DTU's Work Culture in its entirety here.

An international workplace

DTU employs people from all over the world, each of our departments has its own organizational structure, and we are involved in numerous international collaborations. Being able to work efficiently and positively in a variety of different cultural environments is essential for developing an innovative, creative, and motivated corporate atmosphere. At DTU, we work with Cultural Intelligence as a tool to support and improve intercultural collaboration. See more in the video below.

Annual appraisal interview

All employees, including managers, attend an annual appraisal interview with their immediate supervisor, which provides them with the opportunity to discuss their professional and personal development goals and career aspirations. At DTU, we act on the feedback we receive in an effort to continuously improve and move forward as an organization.

Employee satisfaction

We are constantly striving to improve the working environment at DTU. As such, we carry out an employee satisfaction survey every two years, which helps to provide a systematic and up-to-date picture of employee satisfaction.

The satisfaction survey is used as a management tool to work with and for greater job satisfaction, and it also forms the basis for a dialogue between the various staff groups.

This dialogue, in turn, gives rise to specific focus areas and shapes the preparation of obligatory action plans designed to strengthen and develop our organization, our collaboration and the satisfaction of our staff in general.