Career paths

Scientific career structure

Members of staff who are employed in a scientific post at DTU are subject to the regulations for scientific employees at universities.

The following scientific staff positions are described:

  • Research Assistant
  • PhD Fellow
  • Postdoc
  • Assistant Lecturer
  • Part-time Lecturer
  • Assistant Professor / Researcher
  • Associate Professor / Senior Researcher
  • Professor with special Responsibilities (MSO)   
  • Professor    
  • Senior Adviser    
  • Teaching Assistant Professor/Teaching Associate Professor (DTU Adgangskursus)    
  • Assistant Lecturer (DTU Diplom)    
  • Amanuensis (DTU Diplom)
  • Part-time Lecturer (DTU Diplom) 
  • Assistant Professor (DTU Diplom)    
  • Associate Professor (DTU Diplom)    
  • Professor (DTU Diplom)

Technical-administrative staff career path

A significant share of DTU’s many different activities are supported, facilitated and carried out by our technical and administrative staff: web designers, business controllers, HR partners, IT support staff, accounts clerks, system programmers, animal keepers, gardeners, ferry captains, laboratory technicians, and historians to name but a few.

We offer a range of excellent career opportunities within various specialist and managerial posts for staff employed in the technical and administrative functions.