Position content:

  • The primary tasks of the professorship are research (including publication/scientific dissemination duties) and research-based teaching (with associated examination duties). In addition, the professor’s tasks may comprise exchanging knowledge with society.
  • Other tasks may include research management, guidance and supervision of assistant professors and researchers, and some academic assessment work.
  • The professorship is a management position through which DTU wishes to reinforce and develop a specific subject area. The professor is to take the lead in this area and, where appropriate, work closely with other professors.
  • The tasks include research, teaching and – ideally – innovation and/or scientific advice.

Qualification requirements:

Applicants for professorships are assessed on the qualifications stated as requirements in the job advertisement, and they must be able to document a high level of original scientific production at international level, including:

  • This is to document that the applicant has developed the subject area.
  • In addition, emphasis is placed on an assessment of the capacity of the person in question to handle research management and, where appropriate, other management functions – in relation to the university’s external partnerships, for example.
  • During the appointment process, other qualification requirements may be made in relation to knowledge and technology transfer, for example, and/or with regard to patenting and partnerships with external parties.
  • The professor is expected to make a special effort in the fields of research/innovation and research-related management, and is generally required to display input over and above the qualification requirements for the position, which are:
    • A high level of original scientific production at international level that has contributed to the further development of the subject area in question.
    • Documented and successful teaching experience at different levels within the university’s study programmes, including and in particular at PhD level.
    • Documented experience in at least one of the following two fields:
      • Research management, including handling management tasks in national or international projects, research programmes, congresses, etc.
      • Innovation, including building up patent areas, applying research results in a commercial context, etc.

Form and period of employment:

  • Permanent.
  • Professors receive a salary equivalent to the salary in pay grade 37. By personal reclassification, however, pay grade 38.