Senior adviser

Position content:

  • The primary tasks of a senior adviser position are research, research-based scientific advice and dissemination to public sector authorities, the business community and society in general.

Form and period of employment:

  • Normally permanent
  • The qualification requirements for a senior advisor position correspond to the level that can be achieved through employment as an assistant professor or researcher. The qualifications for the position are:
    • Documented scientific production/publication and research potential at international level
    • The capacity to contribute to the department’s national and international partnerships and scientific advice, including dissemination of research results and analyses to authorities and society in general.
  • Senior Advisers receive a pensionable supplement of DKK 89,100 per year in line with the March 31, 2012 level.
  • The appointment will be based on the collective agreement with the Confederation of Professional Associations.