Assistant Professor (DTU Diplom)

Position content:

  • An assistant professorship is a further education position.
  • The tasks include teaching, development (including partnership with companies) and innovation.
  • The weighting of the different assignments may vary periodically, but efforts are to be made to achieve a balance so that the assistant professor can upgrade his/her skills in the areas of both teaching and development.

DTU Diplom is to ensure that the assistant professor is offered pedagogical supervision and guidance, and the assistant professor must take the UDTU course.

Form and period of employment:

  • The qualification requirement is a Master’s degree or corresponding qualification, together with three years of relevant practical experience or a PhD.
  • The position is normally permanent, and the assistant professor will transfer to an associate professorship after three years, conditional upon him/her receiving a positive associate professor assessment at the end of the third year.
  • In the event of absence on account of parental/adoption leave, application may be made to extend the employment for a period equivalent to the period of leave. The work is to be resumed after the period of leave, and continue for a period equivalent to the assistant professor’s period of leave.
  • The period of employment may be extended in connection with long-term illness.
  • Assistant professors receive a special pensionable supplement of DKK 43,900 per year in line with the March 31, 2012 level.
  • The appointment will be based on the collective agreement with the Confederation of Professional Associations.