Senior researcher (Seniorforsker)

Job description

  • The duties of a senior researcher include research (including publication/scientific dissemination duties) and research-based public sector consultancy. In addition, the post may involve a limited amount of teaching.

  • The distribution between the various tasks may vary and will be planned in collaboration with the Head of Department.

  • The qualification requirements for the post of senior researcher correspond to the level that is achievable through employment as a researcher, and the qualification requirements are as follows:
    • Documented scientific production/publication and research potential at the international level.
    • The ability to contribute to the institute’s national and international collaborative efforts, including the dissemination of research results and a contribution to research-based innovation in society.

Terms and period of employment

  • Generally speaking, the post of senior researcher is a permanent post, but it may be offered as a fixed-term post.

Senior researchers receive a special pensionable allowance of DKK 67,100 per year in line with the October 1st 1997 level.