Studying at DTU

DTU’s study programmes are cross-disciplinary, you get hands-on access to world-class facilities, and you engage in project-based assignments where you can apply your theoretical knowledge to solve real-life problems. The University also has a vibrant student life. You can join one of the many clubs and activities, or attend the Friday bars and the many other social events and festive occasions at DTU.

Study at DTU

Engineering educations at DTU

At DTU, we aim to develop Europe’s best engineering education where students can realize their full potential and master technologies for the benefit of people and society.

Why choose DTU?

Recognized internationally as an elite technical university, we offer excellent study programmes, providing you with the freedom to pursue your passions and translate them into technology with global impact.

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Spring at DTU Lyngby Campus

Meet the students

Watch A day in the life of a Technology Entrepreneurship student

Carolin from Germany

Technology Entrepreneurship

Laura, Aquatic Science and Technology

Laura from Spain

Aquatic Science and Technology

Anant, Sustainable Energy

Anant from India

Sustainable Energy