International Summer University

The Summer University DTU programme offers courses with instruction entirely in English for BSc and MSc students of engineering or related natural science programmes. To browse the selection of courses, please have a look here. For course dates, see the academic calendar.

International students from DTU Partner Universities are invited to come to DTU for a 1-3 months period during which they will follow one or more of the offered Summer University DTU courses. Students who are accepted for the Summer University programme will be able to sign up for courses from 1 to 15 May.

As an alternative to regular courses, you are welcome to do project work. If you wish to pursue this option, please contact a relevant lecturer directly.

You can find a list of departments and centres here.

If you are currently enrolled as a full degree student at one of DTU’s partner universities (see complete list here), and your home university is willing to nominate you under an existing exchange agreement, Summer University DTU courses (including project courses) are free of charge. However, each student should be prepared to cover his/her own living expenses.


Partner universites can nominate their students here. Once nominated, the students will get information from the system on how to proceed with the application. The deadline is 15 March.

Students from non-partner universities should apply to DTU’s Open University programme.


Students from partner universities who are accepted for the Summer University programme, will receive information on how to apply for accommodation in their acceptance e-mail. 

Further information 

If you have any general questions, please send an e-mail to

If you have any questions pertaining to a specific course, please contact the professor/lecturer directly.