Exchange student at DTU

We are happy that you have chosen DTU as your exchange destination. Each year we welcome more than 900 international exchange students and we do our utmost make your exchange experience with us the best possible.

878 international exchange students came to DTU in 2020, and 830 DTU students went abroad.

As an exchange student at DTU, you will: 

  • join a student body of more than 11.000 students from 99 countries
  • experience a vibrant student and campus-life environment just 15 km outside of Copenhagen
  • have the opportunity to join numerous social activities, clubs, sports and societies
  • get to challenge yourself academically with a selection of more than 1200 courses taught in English at both undergraduate and graduate level within the natural and technical sciences
  • experience a teaching environment, where you:
    - call teachers by their first name
    - are encouraged to participate actively in discussions in order to develop your critical and analytical skills
    - will complete much of your coursework in groups, which is not only meant to encourage an open exchange of ideas, but it is also the primary social engine at DTU 
  • get the chance to put your entrepreneurial and innovative ideas to the test in our student innovation hub, DTU Skylab and maybe join one of the green study relevant projects
  • and live and study in what has several times been named the happiest nation in the world in near proximity to everything from castles to the scenic Danish countryside, cultural experiences and everything a big city has to offer


You are always welcome to contact our International Student Services.