Study relevant projects

These projects are ECTS-credit awarding and function almost like workshops where students have the opportunity to test theory in practise - a ‘playground’ where you can experiment and develop innovative solutions to problems or challenges. The projects are often interdisciplinary, involving students from all academic fields of DTU.

Roskilde Festival

The Roskilde Festival is powered by DTU students! Close to 100 DTU-students participate in Roskilde Festival each year and contribute with new and innovative solutions to some of the major challenges of the festival - acoustics, water supply, waste separation and traffic planning, for example.

GRØN DYST (Green Challenge)

Engineers play an essential role in ensuring a sustainable social development. It is therefore crucial that students are trained in inventing, designing and deploying innovative and sustainable solutions throughout their education. At DTU, all programmes focus on sustainability, climate technology and environment.

Held every year, the Green Challenge Student Conference is a unique opportunity for DTU students to present their projects to the world and compete for the prizes for the best project within various categories.

Blue Dot projects

DTU’s Blue Dot projects are student-driven undertakings that cross boundaries between study programmes, semesters and departments. Blue Dot projects are to produce sustainable solutions, and they make high demands on the participants because they run alongside the ordinary teaching schedule.