Transcripts and certificates

Exam diploma

When you have completed your studies at DTU you will receive an official diploma which lists all the exams you have passed.

Your diploma will be sent to your registered address no later than two months after graduation.

The number of credits awarded each course varies depending on the workload. Be aware that credits are only awarded if you meet the course requirements.

Students who are disenrolled from a study programme at DTU without having completed it will receive ECTS credit documentation for any successfully completed parts of the programme.

If you need a transcript during your stay at DTU, you should call Student Services on 4525 7300 or send an email to from your DTU email address.


Your work is assessed according to the 7-point grading scale or by Pass/Fail.

2 is the required grade to pass. Pass grades cannot be changed to a numeric grade or vice versa.

If you have any questions or complaints related to your grades, you must submit your complaint to the Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs – – and you must do so from your DTU email address . Go to DTU Inside to learn more about exam complaints.

Grading Scale:
12 an excellent performance
10 a very good performance
7 a good performance
4 a fair performance
2 an adequate performance
00 an inadequate performance
-3 an unacceptable performance