Facilities on DTU Lyngby Campus

DTU’s main campus is located north of Copenhagen near the town of Lyngby. More than 100 buildings are scattered across the 106-hectare great plain, which is divided into four quadrants – exactly like points in a coordinate system.

The campus is safe and secure and a site of great natural beauty: wooded areas, squares, inner courtyards and gardens, sports fields and a central avenue are nestled in the gaps between the buildings and combine to create an aesthetically pleasing architectural statement.

Teaching and learning facilities

  • Databars
    Databars and workstations are located throughout DTU Lyngby Campus.

  • Laboratories
    DTU has a wealth of various research facilities—ranging from ultra-modern laboratoriums to massive full-scale test facilities. Other facilities include test centres for wind turbines, ocean going vessels, and anechoic chambers. DTU favours the hands-on principle. Students are not expected to just watch, they are allowed hands-on access to all facilities.

  • Nanoteket
    Nanoteket is a student facility where advanced equipment is made available to DTU students.

  • Skylab
    Skylab is a unique innovation lab where DTU students can test their ideas and turn theory into practice.

Other facilities on campus

  • Canteens
    Throughout campus you find several canteens, cafes and street food stalls. The main student canteen is situated in building 101.

  • Polyteknisk Boghandel
    Polyteknisk Boghandel is a bookstore on campus in which you can buy all the textbooks you need as well as office supplies, literature, etc. You get a 10 per cent student discount on all purchases.

  • DTU Library
    DTU Library in building 101 is a traditional university library as well as a digital library and the Technical Information Centre of Denmark.The digital library, DTU Findit, gives you access to millions of scientific articles and online e-books. The library also offers excellent study and group facilities as well as a large databar, lounge areas etc. 

  • Cash point machine
    Danske Bank has a cash machine in building 101A across from the reception.

  • Groceries

    DøgnNetto is located in the fourth quadrant on Kollegiebakken 7.