Support for students with special needs

For some students, there may be special circumstances making it difficult to study. At DTU, we offer various types of support to help you complete your study programme.

Information and guidance about Special Educational Support (SPS) for students with functional impairments.

  • Write to us:
  • Call us: +45 4525 2000 Monday and Wednesday 9.30 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. Thursday noon - 1.00 p.m.
  • Visit us: Lyngby Campus, Building 101A, room 1.027. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays by appointment. Ballerup Campus, room D1.32. Monday and Wednesday by appointment

Please note: The Special Educational Support Office is closed on bank holidays and during Christmas, Easter and June 5. It is also closed the day after Ascension Day.

What is Special Educational Support?

As a student at DTU, you can receive Special Educational Support (SPS) if you suffer from a documentable permanent functional impairment. This may be:

  • Dyslexia
  • Mental functional impairment/Developmental disorder
  • Vision disability
  • Hearing disability
  • Motor disability
  • Chronic or serious illness

The support is intended as compensation for your impairment, offering you the possibility of completing your study programme on equal terms with your fellow students to the greatest possible extent.

Important information

  • The SPS unit at DTU is NOT automatically informed about your need for support. If you need Special Educational Support in connection with your studies, you must yourself contact the SPS unit at DTU even if you have received support on a previous study programme.
  • SPS does not automatically grant you special exam conditions. You must apply for special exam conditions separately. You can do that either by checking the box ”Extra time for written exams” when you submit an application for SPS or by using DTU’s application form. You can find information about Special exam conditions on DTU Inside (log-on required).

Conditions for receiving SPS

  • Your functional impairment must be documented. If you have received SPS on a previous study programme, you will most likely not need to submit your documentation again. You only need to submit new documentation if there has been a change in your situation.
  • You must be suffering from a functional impairment preventing you from completing your study programme on equal terms with other students.
  • You must be actively participating in your study programme to qualify for SPS.
  • You must be a Danish citizen, be covered by an international agreement for, for example, EU or EEA citizens, or have the same status as a Danish citizen.

SPS is not support for:

  • transport to the place of study
  • life outside the place of study

About SPS

The SPS scheme was established by the Danish Government, and the support is provided by the National Agency for Education and Quality (STUK). The SPS unit at DTU acts as the intermediary between STUK and you, and we nominate you for the support and implement it for you.

Read more about the SPS scheme on STUK’s website.


We are bound by confidentiality obligations and will thus not disclose any information to your department, your head of studies, or your lecturers without your consent. Moreover, if you have received special educational support during your studies, this will not be stated on your exam certificate.