DTU allocates 60 million for climate technological innovations

An excess of 60 million DKK from the DTU-based venture house PreSeed Ventures is being forwarded to a new funding initiative called DTU Earthbound. The initiative is aimed solely at supporting technological inventions related to climate change.

Researcher and founder Abhay Shivayogimath (TV) and business developer Morten Hald from the startup company 2D have received help and funding from DTU Earthbound to commercialize the company's idea, which can improve the lifespan of batteries, solar cells and fuel cells. Photo: Theis Bothman


DTU Earthbound is a climate tech catalyst that nurtures deep tech science, matches scientists with proven entrepreneurs, and hatches early startups that fight climate change.

DTU Earthbound officially launched in April 2024, and offers programs and resources in venture building for scientists and students behind deep tech inventions with climate impact, who wish to spin out a company or commercial solutions from their research. 

Earthbound operates on a grant given by the DTU-owned venture house, PreSeed Ventures, for acceleration of science-based innovation. Grants and fellowships are non-profit.


Innovation at DTU takes place – just like research – primarily in the professional environments of the university's departments and centre. In addition, DTU has a number of special actors that support a well-developed innovation ecosystem. Among these actors are:

  • DTU Skylab - an innovation hub – a meeting place for students, researchers, and external collaborators. DTU Skylab provides various resources and facilities to foster innovation among researchers and students across DTU in collaboration with companies, organizations, and other universities.


  • DTU Earthbound - funding initiative, where profits from Preseed Ventures are channeled into the innovation ecosystem and finance research-based climate technology inventions through grants to researchers and students.

  • DTU Entrepreneurship - a center where research and education in entrepreneurship are conducted. The center, in close collaboration with companies and the business community, develops practice-oriented education programs and courses in entrepreneurship.


  • DTU Science Park - one of Europe's largest and leading communities for deep tech companies. In DTU Science Park, internationally recognized growth programs for startups are conducted, and facilities and services are offered that create optimal conditions for growth. Access to mentors, business developers, technical advisors, investors, acceleration programs, fundraising, and DTU is provided. All are indispensable for the survival, development, and growth of deep tech companies.


  • PreSeed Ventures (PSV) -  a venture house, our mission is to clear the path for founders who build companies that matter. PreSeed Venture comprising PSV Foundry, PSV Lab, and two unique venture funds, PSV Tech, and PSV DeepTech, sets us free from adhering to a singular method. Rather we rethink existing ways and models to maximize our impact beyond any individual firm or investment.


Marianne Thellersen

Marianne Thellersen Senior Vice President - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Office for Research, Advice and Innovation Mobile: 40 51 44 10

Simon Ulvund

Simon Ulvund Programme Director DTU Skylab Mobile: +45 93596860