Artificial intelligence

DTU crash tests products based on artificial intelligence

Using a wide range of physical and virtual testing facilities across the EU, companies and authorities can test products based on artificial intelligence. The aim is to promote responsible use of technology.

Aarhus City Lab is testing an autonomous robot.
Aarhus City Lab is testing an autonomous robot. Photo: ITK, Aarhus Kommune.


Artificial intelligence is developing at an incredibly fast pace. The potential is enormous and it's hard to see where it will end.

Artificial intelligence is based on maths and logic. We know the work processes, but we don't always know how the AI arrives at a particular solution. Therefore, as researchers and society, we must make demands on the use of the technology, both in legislation and morally.

At DTU, we have a special focus on the ethical aspect of future AI solutions.

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Martin Brynskov

Martin Brynskov Senior Researcher Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Mobile: +45 30680424