Information from DTU about coronavirus

DTU has been monitoring the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) with great attention since January, following the authorities' recommendations.

A crisis team has been set up to prepare DTU for a potential spread of COVID-19 and to inform DTU students and staff about measures to combat the spread.

DTU follows the authorities' instructions in respect of the outbreak of coronavirus. Read more at

This means that DTU's teaching and research activities will take place as planned. This also applies to events at DTU with less than 1000 participants.

We expect all staff, students and guests to take the situation seriously and to comply with the recommendations regarding physical contact in daily life: Avoid handshakes, cheek kisses and hugs. Pay particular attention to maintaining good hand hygiene with regularly washing or disinfecting.

If you have planned trips, you must follow the travel instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, all staff and students are expected to stay informed via and at DTU Inside.

Non-DTU employees who have their time on one of DTU's campuses should stay informed via or (English).