Photo: Joachim Rode

15 autonomous robots compete in RoboCup final

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Competition was fierce at this year’s DTU RoboCup, which was won by two former DTU students with a robot that completed the obstacle course quickly and perfectly.

15 autonomous robots competed for victory in DTU RoboCup (in Danish).

The competition was organised by DTU Electrical Engineering and took place on an obstacle course that set both new and familiar challenges for the robots to complete in their turn. Among other things, the challenges were to go upstairs, over a seesaw, getting a golf ball into a hole, and race on a 7-metre-long race track.

The winners of this year’s final were Allan Ascanius and Per Jakobsen with their robot ‘Roadrunner’. Both team-mates are former DTU students and have participated in the competition previously. Roadrunner also distinguished itself from the other robots by completing the obstacle course with the fastest time of only three seconds.

Second place went to ‘Mamma Mia’ and its team consting of Paul Rajani Lassen, Nikolas Gomes, and Rishav Bose, all three of whom are students at DTU.

Third place went to August Borg Ljørring and the robot ‘Vertex’. August won last year’s DTU RoboCup final, but had to settle for third place this year.

Fierce competition and difficult points scored
The RoboCup competition is not just entertainment—it also reflects the research into the robots of tomorrow conducted at DTU.

“The competition among the RoboCup participants was very fierce this year. Participants therefore had to score twice as many points as in the previous years in the preliminary round in order to qualify for the final. In addition to scoring many points, the robots from this year’s competition also made themselves noticed by scoring more of the difficult points linked to completing the most difficult obstacles on the course, such as identifying an unknown object on the course, moving it, and then placing it in the right place,” says professor Ole Ravn, who is responsible for organizing DTU RoboCup.

Pictures from the competition

DTU RoboCup 2019 (Foto: Joachim Rode)
The Roadrunner winners with their prize and the robot (photo: Joachim Rode)

DTU RoboCup 2019 (Foto: Joachim Rode)
The Mamma Mia team with their prizes (photo: Joachim Rode)

DTU RoboCup 2019 (Foto: Joachim Rode)
Vertex on the obstacle course (photo: Joachim Rode)

DTU RoboCup 2019 (Foto: Joachim Rode)
Group image of the teams (photo: Jens Christian Andersen)