Cristian Pons-Seres de Brauwer

Cristian Pons-Seres de Brauwer

PhD student

Department of Wind Energy

Technical University of Denmark

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 125, room S18

4000 Roskilde

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I am a PhD fellow and MSCA Early Stage Researcher under the EU-funded project MISTRAL on the social acceptance of wind energy in Europe. I particularly investigate how the design and implementation of renewable energy auctions incentivizes (or hinders) the participation of localised forms of RE development (e.g. energy cooperatives, municipally-owned power utilities, energy service companies, SME RE developers) in an economically progressive and socially responsive way. I am thus interested in developing the relationship between the market and community pillars of social acceptance, and on the broader socio-political implications this has for mediating the market agents operationalising Europe’s socio-technical energy transition towards carbon neutrality. My analytical enquiry employs a mixed-method toolbox involving quantitative statistical analysis alongside qualitative interviews and policy analysis. My research is anchored in the theoretical underpinnings of sustainability transition studies; these include Science and Technology Studies (STS), evolutionary and behavioural economics, policy innovation, and institutional theory.

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