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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Technical University of Denmark

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20 JUN

Professor Per Møller receives William Blum’s Scientific Achievement Award

Per Møller, Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, received the prestigious award within surface technology at the opening ceremony at the US SUR/FIN-2017 conference held June 19 th in Atlanta, Georgia.

24 MAR

Modular plants to upgrade biogas

A new concept makes investing in the required upgrading technology affordable for the biogas sector.

Bioenergy Energy storage
19 JAN

110 octane fuel from wind and manure

In a basement in North Zealand, a small test set-up is producing the carbon-neutral fuel—methanol. Chemically pure, odourless and burning with a clear blue flame, methanol is almost invisible in daylight. The octane rating for methanol gas is 110. The main ingredients are liquid manure from Lemvig, Denmark, and a westerly wind.

Bioenergy Wind energy Energy production Energy storage Energy efficiency Climate adaption CO2 separation and CO2 storage
Photo: Lemvig Biogasanlæg
19 JAN

From wind to gas

Wind energy can be converted into methane gas and stored in the Danish natural gas grid. As an added bonus, the biogas plants eliminate their carbon emissions using a new method that has been tested in a recently completed project.

Bioenergy Energy production Power stations Energy storage Wind energy Innovation and product development Organic chemistry
06 MAR

New coating technology

Nickel-coated and chromium-plated surfaces represent a growing global problem—particularly in the USA, where the number of people with nickel allergies is rapidly increasing. Partnering with DTU researchers, a Danish company has developed a new, safe, inexpensive, and more eco-friendly surface coating technology.