Keywords Project Management | Risk assessment | Management | Life cycle engineering

PhD Fellow at the Technical University of Denmark and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

Morten specialises in making difficult projects succeed in the real world, and is currently combining consulting with a double doctorate under the title ‘Robust decision-making for the management of large engineering projects.'

Morten brings more than a decade of practical experience with complicated projects and portfolios to the table, from eight years in private consultancy, at DAMVAD Analytics and Let's Involve, three years at the Danish Ministry of Science, and from Risø National Laboratories.

Morten has worked as advisor for numerous project organisations all over Europe in the private and public sector, including Statoil, Novo Nordisk, The Nordic Council of Ministers, Gate 21, The Danish Maritime Authority, The European Science Foundation, The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry and many more.

Morten holds a master’s degree in Technology and Socioeconomic Planning (cand.techn.soc.) from the University of Roskilde, and did his master's thesis in collaboration with Risø National Laboratories.


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