Mark C. Kelly

Mark C. Kelly

Assoc. Professor

Department of Wind Energy

DTU Vindenergi RAM

Technical University of Denmark

Frederiksborgvej 399 P.O. Box 49

Building 118/125

4000 Roskilde

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Keywords boundary-layer meteorology | CFD | large-eddy simulation | LES | probabilistic characterization | wind gusts | RANS | atmospheric thermodynamics | Synthetic turbulence | Air-sea interaction | WAsP Engineering | Wind profiles | Sea spray | Graduate education (MS and PhD) | Terrain characterization | Wind | Turbulence models | flow-modelling | mesoscale-microscale interaction | Spectral analysis | Micrometeorology | WAsP | complex terrain | Turbulence spectra | Atmospheric Turbulence | computational fluid dynamics | Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis | Atmospheric stability | Roughness

Research Interests / activity:

Atmospheric stability modeling. Theory and representation of buoyancy effects in Rapid-Distortion Theory (RDT), Large-eddy simulation (LES), Reynolds-Average Navier-Stokes (RANS), and mesoscale models; profile theory beyond the surface-layer; second-moment statisticalrelations for ABL fields.

Atmospheric turbulence/subgrid modelling. Representation of atmospheric turbulence and its multi-scale interaction with terrain, via LES, RANS, RDT, and quasi-linearized flow models.

Scale-dependent terrain characterization.  Terrain-induced drag; spectral and statistical representations; effective roughness; scale/resolution-dependent roughness.

Mesoscale-microscale interaction. Adapting mesoscale output to drive linear and nonlinear (LES/RANS) microscale models; mesoscale and microscale sub-grid parameterization of turbulent fluxes.

Probabilistic meteorological characterization.  Statistical representation of observed and sampled fields and reduced normalized representations, for generalizable application in e.g. wind energy.

Air-sea interaction and marine boundary layer.  Effect of ocean waves on turbulent atmospheric fluxes; modeling it in microscale (e.g. large-eddy simulation [LES]) and mesoscale codes.  Phase change and sea spray.

Long-range noise propagation from wind turbines. Stability and terrain effects on propagation of turbine noise. 

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