Tejs Vegge

Tejs Vegge

Professor, Head of Section

Department of Energy Conversion and Storage

Technical University of Denmark

Anker Engelunds Vej

Building 301, room 113

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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29 MAY

DTU Professor Appointed Mission Innovation Champion

Mission Innovation – a global initiative bringing together 24 countries and the EU to accelerate the development of clean energy technology – has recognized 19 exceptional researchers and innovators from as many countries as the first Mission Innovation Champions. The Danish champion is Professor Tejs Vegge from DTU Energy.

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01 MAR

DTU joins commission on green transition for passenger cars

It is now to be specified in concrete terms how the Danish Government’s objective to phase out petrol-powered passenger cars can be met. Three of the six external experts on the commission are DTU researchers.

27 FEB

New research initiative will power up Europe’s battery revolution

A world moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy will rely more and more on energy storage and in particular on batteries. Better batteries can reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector, stabilise the power grid, and much more. Battery 2030+, a new large-scale research initiative, will gather leading scientists in Europe...

Uddannelses- og forskningsminister Tommy Ahlers besøgte DTU Energi for at høre om dansk forskning i udvikling af nye batterimaterialer og katalysatorer, og brug af kunstig intelligens i energiplanlægning
03 OCT

The Minister heard about artificial intelligence and new materials for energy storage

The Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science Tommy Ahlers visited DTU to hear about accelerated discovery of new battery materials and catalysts, and the use of artificial intelligence in energy planning.

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25 JAN

Using Artificial Intelligence to increase the rate of materials discovery tenfold

The amount of CO 2 and methane in the atmosphere is rising and smog clouds hang heavily over the world's big cities. Top researchers from all over the world aim to do something about it using supercomputers and Artificial Intelligences as part of the Mission Innovation initiative.

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30 NOV

Brainstorming the technologies of the future

Every other year the US National Academy of Engineering and the European Council of Academies of Applied Science, Technologies and Engineering bring together a number of young, excellent engineers from the US and the EU to foster international collaboration and exchange of ideas. This year Professor Tejs Vegge from DTU Energy participated...

08 JUN

New battery concept promises more compact energy storage

A new European Horizon 2020 research project with the participation of DTU Energy will explore a completely new class of materials for lithium-ion-batteries – materials which can increase the energy density of the batteries significantly and enable a breakthrough for electric vehicles.

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27 MAY

Rechargeable zinc-air batteries may be a way to counter energy dependency of fossil fuels

Storage of energy from renewable energy sources is vital to Europe’s energy policy. DTU Energy and partners use atomic modelling to develop a rechargeable zinc-air battery that is able to store large amounts of energy.

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27 JAN

Prof. Tejs Vegge honored for his scientific work within computational design of energy materials

Professor Tejs Vegge of the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage has been awarded DKK 100,000 by the Ellen and Hans Hermer’s Foundation. Normal 0 21 false false false DA X-NONE X-NONE ...

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07 MAY

Prof Tejs Vegge has been admitted to the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences

Tejs Vegge, Professor and Head of Section at DTU Energy Conversion, was one 40 eminent persons from industry and research who has been admitted to the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV).

22 NOV

Professor Tejs Vegge lectures in Danskernes Akademi on National Television

Professor Tejs Vegge, DTU Energy Conversion, who is also project leader at DTU CASE, and the former leader of CASE Søren Dahl are the following two Sundays lecturing in Danskernes Akademi, translated into 'The Academy of the Danes', at channel DR K on National Television.

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