Maarten Nauta

Maarten Nauta

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National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark

Technical University of Denmark

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Keywords Benefit Risk assessment | Case-by-case risk assessments | Risk ranking | Food | Quantitiative risk modelling | Risk assessment | Mathematical biology | mathematical modelling | quantitative microbiology | microbiology | Predictive microbiology

I am mathematical biologist working as a senior scientist in the area of quantitative microbiological risk assessment (QMRA) and Benefit-Risk assessment of foods. I have more then 20 years experience in the development of mathematical models for biological systems in (fungal) evolutionary genetics, population biology and (predominantly) food microbiology.

I previously worked at the Universities of Groningen and Wageningen, and at RIVM in the Netherlands. Since 2009 I work at DTU on the development of mathematical models to assess human health risks consequential to the consumption of food contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms like Campylobacter and Salmonella, These models aim to support food safety decision makers by giving objective science based information on the effectivity of control measures to manage microbiological hazards in the food chain. QMRA is specificly able to translate this effectivity in terms of decreased human incidence of disease.

QMRA implies working on multidisciplinary projects, involving food microbiologists, veterinarians, epidemiologists, statisticians, behavioural scientists, economists and many others. I have experience in collaborating (and leading) several of those projects, both nationally and internationally.

I am teaching QMRA at DTU.

At DTU I also took up the development of methods for Benefit-Risk assessment of foods, with the ambition to quantify health effects of different food intake scenarios


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