Peter E. Andersen

Peter E. Andersen

Groupleader, Senior Researcher

Department of Health Technology

Technical University of Denmark

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 130, room 169

4000 Roskilde

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Keywords Multimodal biophotonic imaging | Photonics | Tissue Optics | Biophotonics, biomedical optics, biomedical imaging | Nonlinear optics, lasers, semiconductor-based lasers | Optical Coherence Tomography, dermatologic OCT, ophthalmic OCT | Multiphoton tomography | Nonlinear microscopy

Biophotonic Imaging Group

Our aim is to drive cutting-edge research in multimodal, functional optical bio-imaging, and to establish a biophotonic imaging center for translational research within DTU Health Tech, where new optical technology enables new clinical achievements and improves healthcare.


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Curriculum vitae (PE Andersen)


1991 M.Sc.E.E. (DTU), 1995 Ph.D. (DTU)

Appointments (selected)

2015: Fellow of OSA
2015: Fellow of SPIE
2006-13: Research Professor (Lund University, Sweden)
2008-13: Deputy Head of DTU Fotonik PhD School
2019-: Head of DTU Health Tech PhD School

Research area: Biomedical optics

Multimodal biophotonic imaging; nonlinear microscopy, optical coherence tomography including light source development, imaging systems development and clinical/biomedical applications within dermatology, ophthalmology, and urology. Light source development for biomedical applications and ultrafast applications.

Memberships of scientific committees (selected)

2008-12: Optics Letters, Topical Editor
2012-18: Optics Letters, Deputy Editor
2012-: Journal of Biomedical Optics, Editorial board member
2010-: Journal of Biophotonics, Editorial board member
2011: Program Chair, European Conferences on Biomedical Optics 2011 (ECBO)
2013: General Chair, European Conferences on Biomedical Optics 2013 (ECBO)
2016: Program Chair (A&T), CLEO 2016, San Jose, CA, USA
2017: Program Chair (A&T), CLEO 2017, San Jose, CA, USA
2018: General Chair (A&T), CLEO 2018, San Jose, CA, USA
2019: General Chair (A&T), CLEO 2019, San Jose, CA, USA
2020-: Light: Science and Application (Nature), Editorial Board Member


Author/co-author of 150+ peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters, editor of one book, and 60+ conference proceedings.

Teaching (selected)

Biomedical optics (Bio-medicinsk Optik): course 22511

Optical Biosensors (Optiske Biosensorer): course 22512

Graduate summer school in Biophotonics: “10th International Graduate summer school: Biophotonics ‘21”, 5-12 June 2021, Island of Ven, Sweden
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