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20 DEC

Supercomputer baner vejen for præcisionsmedicin

På Rigshospitalets Enhed for genomisk medicin foregår analyserne af patienternes gener ikke længere på hospitalets egne computere. Når patientens DNA er blevet sekventeret bliver data sendt direkte til Computerome, nationalt center for Life Science supercomputing, DTU. Her bliver de analyseret med nyeste v...

Information technology Health and diseases Bacteria and microorganisms Biological systems Enzymes and proteins Genes and genomes Synthetic biology Viruses
Photo: Kopenhagen Fur
14 NOV

Supercomputer improves virus traceability

The Danish mink industry will now receive help in the fight against a feared virus that can potentially threaten Denmark’s billion kroner export of mink pelts.

Genes and genomes Livestock diseases Production animals Data analysis
Illustration: Colourbox
10 OCT

Supercomputer answers life science questions

DTU researchers are using the biggest life science supercomputer in Denmark to analyse complex volumes of data and put doctors in a position to improve our health.

Information technology Biotechnology and biochemistry Genes and genomes Health and diseases Mathematics
26 NOV

Supercomputers given optimal conditions

Passing Risø DTU Campus, one is immediately drawn to the impressive row of wind turbines. However, something equally impressive and significant is now beginning to take shape at the northern end of the campus.

Computer calculations Data analysis Hardware and components Systems and data security
Foto: Jesper Grundahl
02 DEC

Inauguration of the new supercomputer

DTU Skylab was packed to the rafters on Friday, 28 November when the University hosted the inauguration of Denmark’s new supercomputer. The powerful computer is located on DTU Risø Campus, can store 7.5 petabytes of data, and is optimized to process the rapidly growing volumes of data that are generated every day in the health...

Medicine and medico technology Biotechnology and biochemistry Information technology
Illustration: Emil Krog Nielsen, DTU Campus Service
04 SEP

New supercomputer for life science

Industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical research will both benefit from a new supercomputer to be located at a new supercomputer centre at Risø Campus.

Data analysis