Jennifer Fiebig

Jennifer Fiebig

PhD student

Department of Civil Engineering

Technical University of Denmark


Building 118, room 131

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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20 MAY

Urban planning in the Arctic – how to plan for the extreme?

PhD student Jennifer Fiebig researches in urban planning in the Arctic by examining snowdrift – through fieldwork and with substitute materials in the laboratory. The goal: To enable guidelines on how to build smart in extreme environments.

Building design Building construction Construction materials Polar research Climate adaption
16 NOV

Three New PhD Students Concentrate on Greenland

Arctic Technology Centre (ARTEK) at DTU Civil Engineering has employed three new PhD students. All three projects will concentrate on subjects that will benefit the Greenlandic society

Polar research Construction materials Indoor climate Climate change Fisheries and fish stocks Ice research Waste management Building design