By participating in a cluster or network with DTU, your company gets access to highly specialized knowledge, inspiration, and other relevant input.

DTU participates in a number of clusters and networks in which companies, authorities, and other knowledge institutions meet and exchange knowledge and ideas within a specific field.

As a participant in one of DTU’s networks, your company gets access to the latest research-based knowledge in an easy and non-binding way. At the same time, a network gives you access to dialogue, input, and idea development with both researchers from DTU and practitioners from the business sector and organizations within your field.

Below, you can see a list of the clusters and networks in which DTU participates. By clicking on the links, you can read more about the individual network and how your company becomes a member.

Big Science - establish contact with large European research facilities (big science facilities). The Big Science Secretariat also supports the companies in preparing tenders and supports consortium formation by matchmaking with specific tasks from the big science facilities.

BioPeople - innovation network in life and biosciences.

Industry and sector development projects - collaboration with trade organizations and business clusters on analysing and generating an overview of the future technological needs and opportunities of different sectors.    

CITIES - focuses on research and innovation that can create solutions for integrated energy systems in the smart urban environments of the future.

CLEAN - is an energy and environmental cluster that creates green growth and innovation through projects and collaborations. 

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster - works with healthy growth opportunities across the hospital and care sectors.

Copenhagen Spin-outs - Copenhagen Spin-outs creates viable biotech companies based on public biotechnology research.

Dansk Lyd - innovation network that facilitates innovation in sound technology domains.

DTU’s alumni network - point of entry to a wide range of activities and networks for DTU’s 40,000 alumni.

FoodNetwork - works to create growth and development in small and medium-sized food enterprises throughout Denmark.

INBIOM - innovation network in biomass.

Infinit - innovation network in IT.

InnoByg - innovation network for sustainable construction

inno-MT - innovation network in environmental technology.

Innovative solutions in water technology (VIS) - the object is to increase the number of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Capital Region of Denmark by supporting the development of new innovative solutions in water technology.

inno-MT - innovation network in environmental technology.

inSPIRe - a platform for research-based innovation and problem-solving in the food industry.

iPower - focuses on research and innovation in the transition from medium-consumption-driven power generation to production-driven electricity.

MADE - aims to strengthen production in Denmark through specific research and innovation projects, network formation, education, and to pave the way to participation in international research environments.

MedTech Innovation - innovation network facilitating growth in the Danish medical device and technology industry. - innovation network for the offshore industry, including oil and gas, offshore wind energy, the offshore maritime sector, and wave energy.

Patient@home - research and innovation project focusing on new technologies and services for, in particular, rehabilitation and monitoring in the Danish public health sector.

PlastNet - innovation network focusing on promotion and innovation of the use of plastics in and across industries.

RoboCluster - innovation, development, and application of robot and automation technologies through collaboration and knowledge sharing between knowledge institutions and private companies.

Smart Innovation - Through Smart Innovation, your company develops a high-tech concept or a prototype in close collaboration with researchers, innovation consultants, and business consultants.

MARLOG is Denmark’s national cluster organisation for the maritime and logistics sectors.


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