Erika Susan Dietrichson

PhD student

Erika Susan Dietrichson

Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship


Building 371 Room 225

2800 Kgs. Lyngby





Big Science Organizations (BSOs) - known as research infrastructures in Europe - are increasingly important as influencers in innovation ecosystems, as they are capable of driving technological advancement for the relevant industries. Studies on BSOs have shown their importance in technological breakthrough and their impact on national and international economies and society. The relationship between BSOs and industrial firms is an area of interest in terms of innovation in recent research. BSO-industry collaborations both create new knowledge and engage in knowledge spillover, generating impact on both scientific and innovative performance for those involved. The theories on knowledge spillover, open innovation, supply-driven innovation and proximity economics will be used as the foundation for this project, and the areas to which this project will make theoretical contributions.