Steen Schyum Markvorsen


Steen Schyum Markvorsen

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Asmussens Allé

Building 303B Room 160

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Steen Schyum Markvorsen


Differential Geometry Comparison Geometry Laplacian processes Dissemination of Mathematics

Research activities and interestsGeometry and differential geometry with special emphasis on the rôle of curvature. The methods are analytic (potential theory and heat equation analysis) and geometric (curvature comparison geometry). Often via the local and global behaviour of  geodesic sprays. Dissemination activities and interestsMatematicum, the Mathematics Inspiratorium at The Technical University of Denmark. Didactically motivated applications of Computer Algebra and Geometric Analysis Systems (CAGAS) for disseminating and unfolding structural and abstract mathematical concepts and ideas.