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Xiaolin Hou

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Radioanalysis Liquid Scintillation counting Accelerator mass spectrometry Actinides chemistry Environmental radioactivity Speciation ICP-MS Technetium chemistry and analysis Nuclear analysis techniques Radiolabeling and tracer Characterisation of radioactive waste Iodine-129

Xiaolin Hou is a senior radioanalytical chemist of Technical University of Denmark. He obtained his PhD degree in nuclear and radioanalytical chemistry from Chinese Academy of Science in 1997. Dr. Hou joined to Risø National Laboratory, Denmark (from 2007 Risø becomes part of Technical University of Denmark) in 1998, and has been a senior scientist there from 2003 to 2012. Since May 2013, he was employed as a professor in Center for Nuclear Technologies, Technical University of Denmark (DTU Nutech), and then since January 2020 in the Department of Environemntal Engineering, DTU. His primary research interests are Radioanalytical Chemistry, Environemntal radioectivity, environemntal process tracing, speciation analysis of radionuclides, nuclear and radioanalytical chemistry, ICP-MS and AMS. Prof. Hou has author/coauthored more than 380 research articles in peer reviewed scientific journals, among them more than 240 publications in WoS, one monograph and 8 book chapters, with a SCI h-index of 38 and citations of more than 5000.  He has supervised/co-supervised 15 PhD, 18 Master and 5 post doc, He is an associated editor of the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.