Jan Karlshøj

Associate Professor

Jan Karlshøj

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Section of Digital Building Technologies


Building 118 Room 243

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Jan Karlshøj


Building Information Modeling (BIM) Holistic design Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) Data modeling OpenBIM Process modelling

Jan Karlshøj has more than 20 years experience in consulting engineering companies, and has participated in research, development and deployment activities on interoperability, ie a seamless digital communication with high semantic content. He has experience in the design of structures of office buildings and cultural institutions. He has participated in research and development projects on digital construction, economic gains through the use of IT in construction, sustainable solutions based on the use of building information modeling in Danish, Nordic and international level. He has participated in and led standardization activities of ISO. He's participation in the development of standards in building smart, several of which are adopted by ISO and CEN as official standards.