Job and career

A visit to the job fair secured Mie both an internship and a student job

28-year-old Mie Winding Kristensen, who is a student in Manufacturing and Management at DTU, went to the student-driven career fair and matched with a company. This is the story of how Mie won the company over with charm, confidence, and braided hair.

DTU student Mie Winding Kristensen and the company MAN Energy Solutions found a match in each other at the DSE fair in 2022. Photo: DTU
At the fair, as a student or newly graduated engineer, you have the opportunity to find your next job, your next internship, or a collaboration partner for an exciting project.
At the fair, as a student or newly graduated engineer, you have the opportunity to find your next job, your next internship, or a collaboration partner for an exciting project. Photo: Mikal Schlosser

Fifth time is a charm

Throughout her studies at DTU, Mie has been a diligent participant and has thus visited the fair a total of five times. The fair brings together more than 130 companies and thousands of engineering students and alumni from DTU.

The first visit to the fair was when she studied MSc in Earth and Space Physics and Engineering back in 2016. In 2020, Mie managed to study half a degree in Mechanical Engineering before switching to a BEng in Manufacturing and Management, which she is looking forward to completing in the spring of 2024. During first few visits, the main attraction was to collect a lot of fun merchandise and candy at the fair. The DSE fair was also a way for Mie to find out what types of companies actually existed that were looking for the type of engineer she was training to be.

In addition, DSE's company handbook Pejling of more than 300 pages, which DSE publishes in the lead up to the fair, was a huge help. Pejling is a large picture book with presentations of all the companies, what they are looking for, and what they can offer in terms of student jobs, internships or full-time jobs. At the fair in 2022, Mie is ready to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Interest in engines

Recruitment Partner in MAN Energy Solutions Anders Oldager is blown away by Mie's enthusiasm and energy. As she begins to introduce herself, her interdisciplinary background, and her interest in the huge engines that MAN Energy Solutions designs, Anders Oldager is put in a state of: "Yes, my workplace is that cool" and, "Finally, a student who knows what she wants”.

MAN Energy Solutions has an ambition to recruit more interns for the company and participates at the DSE fair to show who they are, what they do and how they work to create sustainable and carbon-neutral solutions.

The challenge for Anders Oldager lies in assessing where a potential applicant's profile fits into the global company, which in Denmark employs approx. 2,200 employees spread over three locations. But in Mie's case, Anders Oldager has no doubts. He immediately sees a match between Mie's profile and a specific, vacant position in the Global Production Engineering department.

Mie receives Anders' email address, which she writes to the same evening. She sends a short introduction of herself and attaches her CV. And Anders forwards the email to the head of the department. Mie leaves the fair feeling hopeful. Emilie is too.

Mie Winding Kristensen, who is studying a BEng in Production at DTU, purposefully went for an internship at the DSE job fair in 2022. Photo: DTU

Five months internship

Shortly thereafter, Mie is in touch with the department manager that Anders Oldager connected her with at MAN Energy Solutions. The first contact is established very quickly, but then there is a standstill.

However, in August 2022, everything falls into place for Mie, when she is finally called in for a job interview. She lands an internship in the department that Anders Oldager suggested, and Mie can now go on summer holiday with a peace of mind.

After a five-month-long successful internship, where she draws 3D and makes brackets used in the testing of engines, Mie is offered a student job in the same department.

Not so good at sitting still

Alongside her studies and student job at MAN Energy Solutions, Mie also works as a department manager at DTU's student house S-huset and the Friday bar Verners Kælder on DTU Ballerup Campus.

Mie is not so good at sitting still and being bored, so she likes to be busy, talking to many different people. At the same time, she thinks it's really cool to be allowed to work concentrated on solving technical tasks, as she does at MAN. She loves both equally, and when Mie finishes her studies, she would like to continue combining an engineering job with physical work.

Job og karriere

Students' Business Relations, also called De Studerendes Erhvervskontakt (DSE), is a student-run association that runs the country's largest job and career fair for engineering students at the DTU Lyngby Campus every year. DSE Messe Lyngby 2023 will be held on the Lyngby Campus from 29-30 March between 10:00-16:00. Here you can meet over 120 companies and hear more about your job and career opportunities.