Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can predict events in people's lives

Artificial intelligence can analyze registry data on people's residence, education, income, health and working conditions and predict life events with high accuracy.

Registry data on people's residence, education, income, health and working conditions can be analyzed by artificial intelligence and used to predict life events with high accuracy. Photo: Colourbox.
The research project 'Using Sequences of Life-events to Predict Human Lives' is based on labor market data and data from the National Patient Registry, (LPR), and Statistics Denmark. The dataset includes all 6 million Danes and contains information on income, salary, stipend, job type, industry, social benefits, etc. The health dataset contains records of visits to healthcare professionals or hospitals, as well as diagnosis, patient type and degree of urgency. The dataset spans from 2008 to 2020, but in several of the analyses, researchers focus on the period 2008-2016 and an age-restricted subset of individuals.
A transformer model is a type of AI, deep learning data architecture used to learn about language and other tasks. The models can be trained to understand and generate language. The transformer model is designed to be faster and more efficient than previous models and is often used to train large language models on large datasets.
A neural network is a computer model inspired by the brain and nervous system of humans and animals. There are many different types of neural networks (e.g. transformer models).
Like the brain, a neural network is made up of (artificial) neurons. These neurons are connected and can send signals to each other. Each neuron receives input from other neurons and then calculates an output that is passed on to other neurons.
A neural network can learn to solve tasks by training on large amounts of data. 
Neural networks rely on training data to learn and improve their accuracy over time. But once these learning algorithms are fine-tuned for accuracy, they are powerful tools in computer science and artificial intelligence that allow us to classify and group data at high speed. One of the most well-known neural networks is Google's search algorithm.
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