DTU celebrates 40 talented researchers

Over the past year, DTU researchers have raised DKK 650 million in excellence grants. 9 March, they were celebrated for their world-class research.

DTU Executive Vice President and Provost Rasmus Larsen hosted the event. Photo: Thomas Steen Sørensen.
Photo: Thomas Steen Sørensen.

Speeches and socializing

The celebration also involved a speech by postdoc Bitten Gullberg from DTU Space, who received DKK 5.5 million from the Villum Young Investigator programme for conducting research on galaxies with the highest rates of star formation.

Assistant Professor Christian Majenz from DTU Compute also gave a speech. He received a Sapere Aude grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark for conducting research on cryptographic algorithms and establishing a deeper collaboration between humans and machines for computervision together with a colleague.

The afternoon was wrapped up with a pleasant get-together where the grant recipients had the opportunity to socialize with grant recipients from other departments and academic fields.


Villum Young Investigator

Carsten Baum, DTU Compute
Daesung Park, DTU Energy
Erwin Schoof, DTU Bioengineering
Battulga Munkhbat, DTU Electro
Maria Montanucci, DTU Compute
Bitten Gullberg, DTU Space
Deming Kong, DTU Electro

The European Research Council (ERC)


ERC Starting Grant

Battulga Munkhbat, DTU Electro

ERC Consolidator Grants 2021

Søren Stobbe, DTU Electro
Sonja Haustein, DTU Management
Daniela Pigosso, DTU Construct
Sine Reker Hadrup, DTU Health Tech
Tim Dyrby, DTU Compute

ERC Consolidator Grants 2022

Alexander Kai Büll, DTU Bionegineering

ERC Advanced Grants

Anja Boisen, DTU Health Tech
Susan Stipp, DTU Physics
Ulrik Lund Andersen, DTU Physics
Nini Pryds, DTU Energy

Independent Research Fund Denmark (DDF)


DFF Sapere Aude

Borja Valverde Pérez, DTU Sustain
Janus Juul Eriksen, DTU Chemistry
Christian Majenz, DTU Compute
Dimitrios Papadopoulos, DTU Compute
Casper Wilkens, DTU Bioengineering
Erwin Schoof, DTU Bioengineering
Ajanta Barh, DTU Electro
Thomas Kjær Rasmussen, DTU Management
Sunil Kumar Saini, DTU Health Tech

The Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF)


NNF Nerd (New Exploratory Research and Discovery)

Stefan Kragh Nielsen, DTU Physics
Kristoffer Almdal, DTU Chemistry

NNF Industrial Biotech and Environmental Biotech (emerging, ascending)

Jane Wittrup Agger (emerging grant), DTU Bioengineering


Thomas Crouzier, DTU Health Tech

NNF Data Science

Lars Kai Hansen (distinguished), DTU Compute
Mikkel Nørgaard Schmidt (ascending), DTU Compute

NNF Young Investigator Award

Chiara Francavilla, DTU Bioengineering

NNF Challenge

Anne S Meyer, DTU Bioengineering
William Winston Agace, DTU Health Tech
Anja Boisen, DTU Health Tech
Anne Ladegaard Skov, DTU Chemical Engineering

Carlsberg Semper Ardens Advance

Lars A Buchhave, DTU Space
(Shfaqat) Abbas Khan, DTU Space

The Lundbeck Foundation (LF)


LF Ascending Investigator

Katharina Lahl, DTU Health Tech

LF Fellows

Sunil Kumar Saini, DTU Health Tech

Carlsberg Semper Ardens Accelerate

Irene Rocchi, DTU Sustain
Ivana Konvalinka, DTU Compute

EliteForsk Prize

Alexander Kai Büll, DTU Bioengineering