Sustainable aviation fuels

DTU sets its sights firmly on sustainable aviation fuels

DTU initiates series of meetings with Copenhagen Airports, the Confederation of Danish Industry and SAS to boost the development of new technology for the manufacture of sustainable aviation fuels.

Professor Anker Degn Jensen, DTU (Left) shows green aircraft fuel to CEO Thomas Wolbye Copenhagen Airports.
If the price of greener, sustainable aviation fuels is to be reduced, it is vital that research explores areas including the following:

the optimization of electrolysis and catalysis processes to reduce costs, including the development of catalysts, electrodes, membranes, and electrolysis stacks that are more efficient and robust.
the modelling, scaling up, inspection, and optimization of Power-to-X production plants, including the scaling up of plant production.
sector coupling and smart energy systems to allow for the integration of the production, storage, and distribution of sustainable aviation fuels into the wider energy system.