From satellites to racing cars: there was something for everyone on Open House day

On a sunny Thursday last week, DTU held its Open House. The programme offered guided tours, presentations by graduate engineers, and a sports hall filled with stands where visitors could learn more about DTU’s study programmes.

Visitors at Open House could see, among other things, a miniature model of a satellite. Photo: Mikal Schlosser.
Flora Thorø Munk (to the left) and Victoria Lund Thorndahl (to the right) got to know more about building rockets thanks to a student, who's part of the project DanSTAR, where students are building a rocket from scratch. Photo: Mikal Schlosser.

It wasn't just high school students who attended this year’s Open House. For example, 28-year-old Ronnie Schiellerup Christiansen is a former geography student and knew exactly which programme he wanted to hear more about:

“I previously studied for a bachelor degree in geography, but didn’t finish, and last year I realized I wanted to go back to university and use some of the knowledge I gained in my geography studies. I’ve spent almost a year searching DTU’s and the other universities’ programme catalogues and found a BEng programme called Mobility, Transport, and Logistics, which matches my interests really well.”

Former geography student Ronnie Schiellerup Christiansen knew exactly which programme he wanted to hear more about during Open House. Photo: Mikal Schlosser.

From south to north

Some of the visitors had travelled a long way to attend the Open House day. 18-year-old Emilie Sønderskov Schultz, a high school student from Næstved, had come up from South Zealand. She sees the event as a chance to learn more about her options after she finishes high school:

“I’m here to learn about my opportunities after I graduate to get a better perspective on my high school years and start planning my future. I’d like to work with sustainability, so it’s been really interesting to learn more about what DTU can offer in that area.”

17-year-old Rose Møgelberg also made the trip to  Lyngby, and her plan was to spend the day getting an overview of all the programmes on offer at DTU:

“I’m here to get an overview of all DTU’s programmes, as I still don’t know what I want to do after high school. It’s been exciting to hear about the different programmes, and I think Open Day is a good idea because you get great insight into the programmes and the facilities.”

Emilie Sønderskov Schultz (to the left) and Rose Møgelberg (to the right) got to know more about the BSc programme in Chemistry and Technology during the event. Photo: Mikal Schlosser.

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Lars D. Christoffersen

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