Innovation programme turns ideas into reality

Society is calling for new, better, faster, more energy-efficient, and more sustainable solutions. But innovation does not happen by itself. It takes creative employees who can transform good ideas into products, processes, and services.

Process and Innovation: Paint'R
The start-up Paint'R was founded by students from the DTU programme Process and Innovation

About the programme

The BEng programme takes 3 ½ years and is located at DTU’s campus in Ballerup.

During their education, students learn to work professionally with the whole innovation process – from the first idea to the finished product, process, or concept.

The students attend courses such as ‘Green Entrepreneurship’, ‘Interactive Design’, and ‘Creativity and Innovation’, and they work in close collaboration with the business world – both for different innovation projects and during their internships.

The programme is completed with a BEng project, and it is often created in collaboration with a company.

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DTU has one of the most well-developed and coherent ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship among technical universities in Europe.

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