Green transition

Power-to-X center will revolutionize materials for the green transition

Danish foundations grant DKK 300 million to a pioneer center for the development of materials and Power-to-X technologies for the green transition. The center brings together leading national and international researchers.

The pioneer center CAPeX will develop materials and technologies for Power-to-X and accelerate the green transition. Tejs Vegge, Professor at DTU is Head of CAPeX (Left) and Professor Frede Blaabjerg from Aalborg University is co-lead in CAPeX.
The pioneer center CAPeX will develop and implement a powerful platform for rapid development of materials and a data infrastructure in which new materials for, for example, catalysts are discovered and designed directly for their actual operating conditions.

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The establishment of the pioneer centers is a national initiative managed by the Danish National Research Foundation to which the Ministry of Higher Education and Science has taken the initiative. The establishment takes place in close collaboration and co-funding between the Danish National Research Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation, the Lundbeck Foundation, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, VILLUM FONDEN, and universities in Denmark.

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Tejs Vegge
Professor, DTU
5164 1787
Frede Blaabjerg
Professor, AAU
2129 2454