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21 top managers complete further education at DTU

Top managers from international and national organizations completed their Executive MBA from DTU in June. An exciting future, where they must put their new skills to use awaits them.

2023 graduates were celebrated at a graduation ceremony at Bernstorff Castle. Photo: Esben Zøllner Olesen


The Executive MBA program is aimed at experienced professionals or managers who want to develop their management skills and understanding of complex business management.

The education gives the students an in-depth understanding of strategic management, finance, innovation and entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior.

The education extends over two years and consists of 12 modules, incl. two international study tours.

The applicants are screened through a personal interview and expected to have at least five years of work experience after completing their master's degree.

An Executive MBA program often opens doors to advanced management positions and career development in many industries.

You can find more information about the Executive MBA program here


Stig Andersen

Stig Andersen Programme Director DTU Learn for Life