09 APR

Purifying hospital wastewater in an eco-friendly way

New technology enables removal of multi-resistant bacteria from hospital wastewater before it reaches the treatment plant and can pose a risk to humans and the environment...

09 APR

Massive Danish investment in artificial intelligence research

A new pioneer centre for artificial intelligence (AI) research that is expected to open in late 2021 could be the largest Danish venture into AI research ever.

Peter Aagaard Brixen
09 APR

What will happen when the permafrost melts?

Greenland’s first highway—between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut—is being built to monitor the impact of climate change.

Bio plant Studstrup. Photo: Colourbox
09 APR

New enzymes to improve the efficiency of biomass breakdown

A new class of enzymes show great potential for streamlining the decomposition of biomass for further conversion into energy and bio-products.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Enzymes and proteins Waste management Climate adaption
Bernhard Henrissat
08 APR

Enzyme pioneer will help Danish research scale new heights

One of the world's leading enzyme researchers Bernhard Henrissat is moving his research to DTU, where he will contribute to building an internationally leading research...

Biotechnology and biochemistry
(Photo: Lotus Microsystems)
07 APR

World’s smallest power converter ready to go to market

The technology behind the world’s smallest power converter has been developed by researchers at DTU. Three of them have now founded a company that will produce and...

Electrotechnology Electronics Energy efficiency
06 APR

Let wind turbines conquer the Seven Seas

Peter Hauge Madsen at Energy Supply: In the near future, a huge market for floating wind turbines will open up. Denmark can come to play an important role if we seize the...

Wind energy
Bax Lindhardt
30 MAR

Researchers winning battle against sweat

Coloplast and Riemann are jointly developing new materials with DTU that prevent sweat from impairing the adhesiveness of stoma bags and sunscreens. 

Foto DTU
25 MAR

DTU’s commemoration 2021 goes virtual

DTU and DTU’s student organization Polyteknisk Forening invite everybody to join the traditional commemoration on Friday 23 April 2021 at 5 pm.

25 MAR

Six factors that determine success when working from home

Are you suffering from corona fatigue and looking forward to coming back, or do you thrive on remote work? According to new research from DTU, six factors play an important...

Production and management
Mathias Hoeg Boisen (tv) sammen med Marco Ugo Gambetta fra KPMG i laboratoriet.
24 MAR

Quantum computer’s ability to optimize stock portfolio tested

In collaboration with the consulting firm KPMG, a student from DTU Physics has tested whether a quantum computer is better at optimizing a stock portfolio than a conventional...

23 MAR

New technology aims to find illegal ships

DTU and Gatehouse, a data and analysis company, are jointly developing a technological solution that makes it easier to monitor Arctic waters.

Earth observation Satelittes Space technology and instruments
Peter Aagaard Brixen
23 MAR

What will happen when the permafrost melts?

Greenland’s first highway—between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut—is being built to monitor the impact of climate change.

Polar research Climate change Ice research
Marja Koski
23 MAR

Can we measure the effects of climate change in the Arctic?

In autumn 2020, an international research team was stationed in the sea west of Greenland to investigate how climate change affects ecosystems in the Arctic.

Climate change Ice research Polar research
Skibsingeniørfirmaet Knud E. Hansen
23 MAR

New Arctic research ship on the way

In autumn 2020, government funding for a new ocean-going research ship finally fell into place. This will replace Dana IV, Denmark’s only marine research ship that...

Ice research Polar research
DTU Space
23 MAR

Ice melting at increasing rate

All measurements of the Greenland ice sheet indicate it is melting faster than previously thought.

Polar research Ice research
Isabella Askjær Gaarde Lorenzen
23 MAR

Engineers with Arctic competences sought after

High demand for graduates from the Bachelor of Engineering in Arctic Civil Engineering programme

Building construction
Getty Images
23 MAR

For the benefit of society - also in the Arctic

Arctic DTU is the gateway to DTU’s activities in the Arctic region. In the coming years, the centre will promote cooperation with other Arctic research and education...

Polar research
Peter Aagaard Brixen
23 MAR

DTU tests new principles for Arctic construction

In the largest construction research project in Greenland to date, DTU is exploring traditional and new ways of building in an Arctic climate.

Bridge constructions Building design Polar research
Foto: Rasmus Degnbol
23 MAR

Self-driving buses get the green light at DTU

The Danish Minister for Transport has approved trials with self-driving shuttles at DTU Lyngby Campus. This means that students and staff can hop on the shuttle in April...

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