Foto: Bax Lindhardt
22 OCT

Young women spend their holiday discovering engineering

40 young women have built loudspeakers and learned about product development at DTU’s Engineering Camp. The purpose of the camp is to inspire more women to choose...

Photo: Ulrik Jantzen
18 OCT

Move business and research closer together

President Anders Bjarklev in Frederiksborg Amts Avis: New research must be put into practice in the business world to achieve the climate goals.

Young man suffering from stomach ache standing
15 OCT

Immunodeficiency affects intestinal microbiome

Researchers find correlation between immunodeficiency and pathogenic intestinal bacteria.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Girl with cancer looks at doctor
15 OCT

New technology developed at DTU finds hidden cancer cells

New technology allow researchers to find hidden cancer cells by measuring global protein levels in single cells.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Computer calculations Software and programming
Sector development project Circular construction and building sector, Technical University of Denmark, DTU. Photo Shutterstock.
14 OCT

Circular construction improves utilization of resources

A sector development report from DTU recommends that the players in the construction sector join forces on large test projects and scaling of circular construction.

Climate adaption CO2 separation and CO2 storage Waste management Environment and pollution Life cycle analysis Innovation and product development Construction materials Building design
Bestyrelsesformand Jens Kann-Rasmussen og fem af bevillingsmodtagerne: Marie Brøns (DTU), Rocio Rodriguez Cano (AAU), Christina Lynggaard (KU), Laura Stidsholt (AU), Jette Katja Mathiesen (DTU). Foto: VILLUM FONDEN.
14 OCT

Two female researchers receive Villum Postdoc grants

Villum International Postdoc has just been awarded to six female researchers, including Marie Brøns and Jette Katja Mathiesen from DTU.

Electrochemistry Catalysis Fossil fuels Wind energy Engineering
Alexander Thomsen Skovsende (til venstre) er 2. års studerende på bacheloruddannelsen, mens Simon Rumle Tarnow og Alice Ryhl begge er kandidatstuderende. Foto: Monica Borup Duch
12 OCT

DTU students win the Danish Championship in programming

Alice, Simon, and Alexander are all students at IT programmes at DTU. Last weekend they were the best, when 73 teams competed in programming.

Software and programming
The new carbon capture method uses a so-called ionic liquid bound in a solid material, as shown in the picture. The material acts as a sponge that can absorb CO2.
12 OCT

DTU researchers are testing new carbon capture method

Carbon capture today is mainly based on chemicals in liquid form. Now, researchers are testing carbon capture in a solid material.  

Chemistry Catalysis Energy Energy systems
Yaolei Zhang and Donna
11 OCT

Obese pigs help us understand human obesity

Mapping of the complete genome of the obesity-prone Ossabaw pig gives new hope for further insights into human obesity and associated diseases

Genes and genomes Health and diseases Medicine and medico technology
19 boligblokke med 432 lejligheder i Sønderborg Andelsboligforening - afdelingen Kløvermarken-Hvedemarken - bliver et demonstrationsprojekt i det store ARV-projekt.
08 OCT

Green communities in focus in European digitalization project

The project will be an important element in DTU's continued development of leading digital green solutions, says Professor Henrik Madsen.

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