Between research and business there are five nuts to crack

A good interaction between research and business can lead to more research-based technology startups. A new study shows that the key is openness and collaboration. And there are five nuts that must be cracked.

Senior researcher Maria Theresa Norn from DTU Entrepreneurship has studied the impact of Open Entrepreneurship. Photo: Kaare Smith

Open Entrepreneurship was established in 2017 as a pilot project at four Danish universities with support from the Danish Industry Foundation. All the Danish universities have joined, and in 2023 Open Entrepreneurship is expected to be an indispensable part of the innovative and value-creating food chain between research and companies. There is a special focus on commercializing research  within climate and environment, health, and digitalization.


Maria-Theresa Norn

Maria-Theresa Norn Associate Professor, Head of Scientific Advice Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship