Stone reefs promote marine biodiversity

A number of new stone reef projects will help us understand how we can restore marine biodiversity. Results from one of the first restored reefs show a major increase in cod numbers.

DTU tester et kunstigt rev af nyudviklet beton sammen med kunstnergruppen Superflex i Københavns Inderhavn. Foto: Wolfgang Kunther/DTU

For the first time, DTU researchers will establish biogenic reefs, composed of either flat oysters or horse mussels, in the North Sea or the Kattegat. The restoration project is called BioReef, and aims to help restore one or more biogenic reefs by developing innovative new methods and protocols for scaled up hatchery production of flat oysters and horse mussels. DTU is drawing on knowledge and experience from hatcheries and natural deposits of mussels and oysters. The project has been developed as part of the partnership between the Ørsted energy company and WWF, and DTU Aqua is a scientific partner on the BioReef project.

In Køge Bugt, DTU researchers are investigating for the first time whether concrete reefs have the same effect as stone reefs in Danish waters. The research project is called Circle Reef, and is a collaboration between DTU Aqua, DTU Sustain, the WSP consulting engineering company, and the Køge Bugt Stenrev association.

The focus on biodiversity has increased sharply. Plant and animal species are threatened with extinction and many researchers describe the biodiversity crisis as the worst crisis facing humanity.

Biodiversity includes all life on the planet - in water and on land. This means animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and the ecosystems where plants and animals live, e.g. a forest or a lake.

At DTU, we work particularly with biodiversity in water. Read more in our special topic about biodiversity.


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