Anja Maier


Anja Maier

Department of Technology, Management and Economics

Engineering Systems Design Section, Technology and Business Studies Division


Building 358 Room 187




Anja Maier


Network Analysis Healthcare Engineering Design Organisational Capability Assessment Human Behaviour in Design Design Communication Engineering Systems Interface Management in Product Development Management of Change

Anja M Maier, Ph.D. is Professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).  Her research focuses on engineering systems design, with a particular emphasis on complexity and human behaviour and a particular interest in health.  This includes design communication, design in networks, and design cognition.  She has led the Engineering Systems Design Section (2014-2021), conducting interdisciplinary research into designing, building, and operating engineering systems; and has been directly involved in all levels of teaching of design and systems from bachelor, to master, to PhD, through to continuing education.  Professor Maier is an editor of the Springer Handbook of Engineering Systems Design, serves as Vice President and Treasurer on the Board of Management of the worldwide Design Society, on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Engineering Design, as Associate Editor of the journal Design Science, is a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering, a fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, a Board member of the Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (Cachet), a fellow of acatech - theNational Academy of Science and Engineering, Germany, and a fellow of ATV – the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, Denmark.  She has worked as a technical consultant in the manufacturing and software industries.