Barth F. Smets


Barth F. Smets

Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering


Building 115 Room 211

2800 Kgs. Lyngby






microbial ecology microbial resources microbial invasion Horizontal gene transfer biodegradation nitrogen used water environmental biotechnology Antimicrobial resistance biofilms systems microbiology

I am Professor of Environmental Microbiology.  The central tenet in all we do is Microbial Resource Management and Engineering: the bridge between environmental engineering and microbial ecology. My research group uses both advanced experimental (microscopic, molecular, - omic) tools as well as computational (agent and continuum models) approaches to study fundamental and applied microbial ecological questions, with a focus on mixed microbial communities within environmental engineering application. This translates in an seemingly wide range of research topics: new biotechnological processes for water purification and used water treatment; the engineered nitrogen cycle: applications and fundamentals with focus on autotrophic processes, laughing gas, anammox processes; link between community dynamics and system performance and stability; bacterial adhesion & biofilm formation; bioelectrochemical systems, horizontal gene transfer in microbial communities and the fate of ARGs; mathematical modelling of microbial processes and interactions; new biofilm/bioaggregate based reactors; the new wastewater management paradigm. I coordinate the METLab (http://metlab.rt.env.dtu.dk/ ) research team and the Microbial Ecology Research Group (http://www.env.dtu.dk/Forskning.aspx). My official webpage is here:www.staff.dtu.dk/bfsm.