Tomas Bohr


Tomas Bohr

Department of Physics


Building 309 Room 106

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Tomas Bohr


Complex systems Free-surface flows Hydraulic jumps Sand ripples Biological flows Sap transport in trees Vortices

Tomas Bohr is Professor of Physics in the Section ”Biophysics and Fluids” at the Department of Physics as well as director of Center for Fluid Dynamics at DTU. Tomas Bohr’s field of research is Complex Systems. He has worked with chaos, turbulence  and statistical mechanics and written ”Bevægelsens Uberegnelige Skønhed. Om kaos.” (Gyldendal 1992) for the lay audience and is co-author of the monograph ”Dynamical Systems Approach to Turbulence" (Cambridge 1998). In later years he has been particularly interested in strongly non-linear fluid flows, which, even if they are not turbulent, give rise to surprising structures - in particular surfaces with edges, corners and needles. Simultaneously, he studies biofluid dynamics in the context of planktonic organisms and the sap dynamics in plants. Tomas Bohr combines theoretical work with simple model experiments on e. g.  hydraulic jumps, bathtub vortices, sand ripples and sap flows in trees.