Brit Ross Winthereik

Professor, Head of Division

Brit Ross Winthereik

Department of Technology, Management and Economics

Technology and Business Studies Division, Human-Centered Innovation Section


Building 424 Room 223

2800 Kgs. Lyngby





Science and Technology Studies (STS) Anthropology of Technology Ethnographic methods Infrastructure Studies Governance and accountability Big Data Digital inclusion Digital citizenship

I'm a Science and Technology Studies (STS) scholar originally trained as an anthropologist. For more than two decades, I have conducted research into the role of technology and knowledge practices in society. I have been fascinated with how digital technologies operate in and beyond organizational contexts. This has led to research on information infrastructures with human users as a key focus area for understanding the dynamics and effects of large-scale infrastructuring. A main interest of mine is public sector digitalization and its impact on welfare. A main concern revolves around mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion due to digital innovation and the intensification of data usage in the public sector. I explore these issues through concepts such as 'partially digital citizenship', 'informal digital welfare work', and 'experiential socially thick computing'. I have contributed to and co-edited several books withing STS and anthropology and have extensive experience in leading large research projects. I currently (2022-23) supervise 5 PhD students and teach the Theory of Science course at the DTU.