Chresten Træholt

Associate Professor, Head of Section

Chresten Træholt

Department of Wind and Energy Systems



Building 325 Room 154

2800 Kgs. Lyngby





Section of Electric Power Engineering (ELTEK)Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE)Primary function: Associated professor 9 years of professional experience in materials science from the Technical University of Denmark and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands . Main topics were characterisation and analysis of thin films and coatings using transmission electron microscopy. Some teaching experience obtained at DTU. Following 5 years were spent working in the high voltage laboratory of the Department of Electric Power Engineering on the Technical University of Denmark. This period comprises experience with cryogenics (liquid nitrogen), high voltage test of cable and thermo-electrical insulator, high currents and vacuum techniques. In detail the experience covers measurements of mechanical, thermal and electrical characteristics on high temperature superconducting tapes, cable models and terminations. The last 3 years of the period test facility, planning and testing of high temperature superconducting cable models was my responsibility. More experience with teaching classes, more experience with teaching at advanced level (supervision). Recent 4 years of work at Ultera included almost all aspects of work with design, construction, testing and reporting on commercial prototype superconducting cable, termination, splice and cooling system. Testing was done at NKT Research, DTU, IHK (Ballerup) and ORNL, Tennessee (US). Further, the work included responsibility with the websites www.ultera.net (our home page) and www.supercables.com, involvement in our own and others patents (IP), field installation in Columbus, Ohio , conferences as well as guest teaching at DTU. August 2001 The Electro Prize 2001 (Elektroprisen). July 2006 Senior Research Engineer, Ultera, A Southwire/nkt cables Joint Venture, nkt cables a/s, Priorparken 560, Brøndby, Copenhagen, Denmark. Function: Participate in cable development, IP protection and technical marketing of superconducting cables as well as of conventional cables. Project leaders: David Lindsay, Ultera US and Dag Willén, Ultera DK. May 2002