Anders Thorseth

Project Manager

Anders Thorseth

Department of Electrical and Photonics Engineering

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 130 Room 153

4000 Roskilde




Anders Thorseth


Color rendering Photometry Radiometry Spectrometry Goniophotometry Optics Lighting Light Light sources Daylight Standards Light and Materials Standardization Solid-state lighting Laser lighting Optical sensors Optical materials

Anders Thorseth works with practical and theoretical aspects of light measurement, specifically for lighting applications. His PhD work was on characterization and optimization of LED lighting systems. This work led to an interest in lighting metrology research and work on global standardization of lighting measurement. As participant in EURAMET metrology projects and being Danish country member of -and associate director of CIE Division 2, Anders seeks to develop new methods within measurement and utilization of LED lighting technology, for practical applications.