Susan Løvstad Holdt

Associate Professor

Susan Løvstad Holdt

DTU National Food Institute

Research Group for Bioactives – Analysis and Application

Henrik Dams Allé

Building 201 Room 129

2800 Kgs. Lyngby



Susan Løvstad Holdt


microalgae biorefinery macroalgae cultivation bioactives breeding

SLH has a broad experience in (bioactive) components, ingredients, treshhold values and Danish and EU regulations of seaweeds. Research focus is on algal biomass production for food, feed and ingredients with specific expertise in algal cultivation and breeding, components of algae and algal biomass utilization. Algal biomass is used as biofilter and applied as food or in a biorefinery concept with the extraction of high added-value products (and the residuals utilized for bioenergy and fertilizer purposes). SLH is at present involved in e.g. the Danish GUDP project: Valorization of red seaweed biomasses towards future sustainability (VALSEA), Multiextraction of Bioactive Compounds from Macroalgae. SLH is the Secretary General of The International Seaweed Association Council, and chairman of the Seaweed Network in Denmark (www.tangnet.dk) initiated in 2008, with more than 320 members from industry, universities, organizations, national authorities, chefs, fish farmers, groups and persons that work with or have interest in seaweed. The Seaweed Network in Denmark meets twice a year with cross disciplinary oral presentations and discussion forums, seaweed excursions of several days duration and a newsletter. SLH headed and chaired respectively the members in the National Organizing Committee of the 22nd International Seaweed Symposium, Copenhagen 2016 (www.iss-2016.org).