Teunis Jansen


Teunis Jansen

National Institute of Aquatic Resources

Section for Marine Living Resources

Henrik Dams Allé

Building 201 Room 264

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Teunis Jansen


Fish and fisheries science in Greenland. From a broad background in marine biology, I have specialized in quantitative fisheries ecology with a focus on pelagic fish in the arctic. I lead research on population dynamics and assessments of the status and future development of commercially important fish stocks and related fisheries in Greenlandic waters. This involves research in population ecology such as stock structure, migration, feeding ecology, behavior and key population dynamic rates, e.g. fecundity, growth and recruitment. Within ICES, I chair and participate in stock assessment expert groups, providing advice for sustainable fisheries management. The scientific advice is presented to public sector authorities, the industry and the press. Furthermore, I supervise, lecture, develop and lead acoustic surveys.